Getting Help

Whoops! Were you happily using Meltano when something went wrong or you got stuck? Don't worry, the Meltano team and community are here to help you.

If you ran into a bug or other problem or have any kind of feedback, you can:

  1. Check out the Meltano issue tracker to see if someone else has already reported the same issue or made the same request. Feel free to weigh in with extra information, or just to make sure the issue gets the attention it deserves.
  2. Join the Meltano Slack channel which is frequented by the team and the rest of the community. You can ask any questions you may have in here, or just chat with fellow users.
  3. Contact the team directly using Intercom, right from this website.
  4. File a new issue on the Meltano issue tracker so that we can track your problem or suggestion and find the best solution together.
Last Updated: 11/6/2019, 4:55:18 PM