The Salesforce extractor pulls raw data from Salesforce's REST API and extracts the following resources by default:

  • Users
  • Accounts
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Contacts

For more information you can check the documentation for tap-salesforce.

Salesforce Setup

In order for the Salesforce extractor to be able to access your Salesforce data, you will need to provide your username, password and the Salesforce Security Token for your account.

If you don't already have a Salesforce Security Token for your account, you can generate one through the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your Salesforce Account.

  2. Go to your Account Settings (top right on the header bar)

  3. Click Reset My Security Token (Under the My Personal Information section)

  4. Click Reset Security Token

An email with the Security Token will be sent to your email.

Screenshot of Salesforce Security Token Reset


Why is my "Reset Security Token" option missing?

If a user’s profile is configured such that there is a restriction on the IP ranges that can access Salesforce, then that user will not have the ability to access/reset their security token.

In order to give access to the security token, either remove the user from the profile that contains the IP range restriction, or update the user’s profile by removing the IP range restriction.

In rare cases where the user’s profile doesn’t contain IP range restriction and they still can’t access the security token reset option, edit the user’s profile and save (without making any actual changes to the profile).


When you reset your Salesforce password, your security token resets as well. If that security token is used to integrate Meltano with Salesforce, that integration will break as well. Each time you reset an account password used to connect Meltano or other applications to Salesforce, you will need to re-enter your new security token into that application.


If you have other third-party applications integrated with Salesforce and you reset your security token, that integration will break. Try to use your existing Security Token instead of resetting your existing one. Otherwise, you will need to re-enter your new security token into all the connected applications.

Meltano Setup


Configure the Extractor

Open your Meltano instance and click "Pipelines" in the top navigation bar. You should now see the Extractors page, which contains various options for connecting your data sources.

Screenshot of Meltano UI with all extractors not installed and Salesforce Extractor highlighted

Let's install tap-salesforce by clicking on the Install button inside its card.

On the configuration modal we want to enter your username and password, the Security Token Salesforce extractor will use to connect to Salesforce, and the Start Date we want the extracted data set to start from.

Screenshot of Salesforce Extractor Configuration


Ready to do more with data from Salesforce?

Check out our Salesforce API + Postgres tutorial to learn how you can create an analytics database from within Meltano, and start analyzing your Salesforce data.

Advanced: Command Line Installation

  1. Navigate to your Meltano project in the terminal
  2. Run the following command:
meltano add extractor tap-salesforce

If you are successful, you should see Added and installed extractors 'tap-salesforce' in your terminal.


  1. Open your project's .env file in a text editor
  2. Add the following variables to your file:
export TAP_SALESFORCE_USERNAME="Your Salesforce Username"
export TAP_SALESFORCE_PASSWORD="Your Salesforce Password"
export TAP_SALESFORCE_SECURITY_TOKEN="Your Salesforce Security Token"
export TAP_SALESFORCE_START_DATE="2018-01-01T00:00:00Z"
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